Matt Lehrman shows business leaders how to raise their customers From Apathy to Zeal™



Don't settle for customers who come "cheap and easy."  The advice to "Pick the Low Hanging Fruit" is an antiquated holdover from a far less connected and competitive era.  You deserve far better.  Discover a clear and compelling new strategy to define and grow relationships with customers who are truly "Ready, Willing & Worthy" of your unique value.  


"Once upon a time it was the job of a business to supply “quality and value," but those fairy-tale days are over."  Today, all sorts of companies are competing to transform mere customers into vigorously engaged communities.  Intense customer loyalty isn't just for companies like Apple and Harley-Davidson anymore.  Matt Lehrman shares 5 essential strategies to gain and sustain your customers' most fervent support.  What are you waiting for? If you’re not diligently pursuing your customers' loyalty, someone else surely is. 

CUSTOMER CONVERSATIONS: A Practical & Profound Discussion

"What do your customers want most from you and your business?"You’re invited to a candid, thought-provoking, and entirely unscripted conversation with your own real customers and actual representatives of your target market. Facilitated by Matt Lehrman, there is no one-way mirror - in fact, there's no distance at all - between you and this unfiltered focus group.  You are live and in-person for a direct opportunity to seek answers to the most sensitive and profound questions you’ve ever wanted to ask your customers.


ENGAGEMENT EVERYWHERE™: Elevate Your Customers from Apathy to Zeal

Once upon a time, a business needed to supply merely quality and value, but those fabled days are over. Today’s dynamic is far more competitive and complex. It’s not just trust or reputation that you must sustain—but direct, meaningful, and durable connection. 

Now is the time to invest your whole team with a comprehensive approach to loyalty and customer engagement—to identify the online and in-person strategies that will earn your business the kind of deep passion long cultivated by companies like Apple and Harley-Davidson. The bottom line is this: If you don’t supply all that your customers want, someone else surely will.

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FUTURECAST: An Exercise of Vision & Opportunity

"Are you ready to imagine the business possibilities of your future?" We live in times of dramatic change and incredible opportunity - fueled by technology, demographics, economics and much more.  Matt Lehrman stretches your capacity to anticipate, recognize, and adapt to change via a series of thought exercises that energize management teams, company retreats, association gatherings, and business planning meetings to think beyond the constraints & imperatives of today. (These exercises improve mental flexibility - sort of like yoga for your business brain.  Thankfully, stretchy pants are not required.) 

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EXTRAORDINARY FIRST™: Team Training in Customer Engagement

Don't automate your approach to customer engagement when you can animate it!  Energize your whole team with the tools and skills they need to recognize their pivotal role in customer engagement. Demonstrate that extraordinary customer satisfaction is not the mere by-product of your business but is its entire intent. Each custom-designed EXTRAORDINARY FIRST™ program presents a treasure of opportunities for deep listening, facilitated discussion, and the hands-on exploration to enhance the specific customer experience of your company.

Consulting Services


  • Customer Journey Assessments
  • Data Analysis
  • Customer-Perspective Evaluations
  • Mystery Shopping

Sales & Marketing

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Opportunity Assessments


  • Visioning & Strategic Planning
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Crisis Intervention


  • Extraordinary-First™ - Customer Engagement Training
  • Retreat Design & Facilitation for Boards of Directors, Management Groups, and Staff Teams


  • Customer Engagement Frameworks
  • New Venture Explorations
  • Creative Collaborations