"Don't settle for customers who come "cheap and easy."   The conventional wisdom to "Pick the Low Hanging Fruit" is a strategic holdover from a far less connected and competitive era.  In today's world, you need - and you deserve - customers far better than the "low hanging fruit."  Inspire yourself and your team with a fresh and compelling philosophy that empowers you to pursue customers who are "Ready, Willing & Worthy" of your distinct value.  


CUSTOMER CONVERSATIONS: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know, But Were Afraid To Ask

What do your customers want most from you and your business?  You’re invited to a candid, thought-provoking, and entirely unscripted conversation with your own actual and/or desired customers. There is no one-way mirror - in fact, there's no distance at all - between you and this unfiltered focus group.  Partake live and in-person for a direct opportunity to seek answers to the most sensitive and profound questions you’ve ever wanted to ask your customers.



ENGAGEMENT EVERYWHERE™: Elevate Your Customers from Apathy to Zeal

What is your company's best strategy to inspire customer loyalty? Once upon a time, a business needed to supply merely quality and value, but those fabled days are long gone. Today’s dynamic is far more competitive and complex. Quality and value are just the beginning. If you don’t supply all that your customers want, someone else surely will.

This workshop offers an energetic and actionable approach to achieving loyalty and customer engagement in ways appropriate to companies of every size and sector.


FUTURECAST: An Exercise in Strategic Leadership

How will the world be different in five years?  Transformations in technology, demographics, economics and more demand that we stretch our capacity to anticipate, recognize, and adapt to change. 

This session offers NO LECTURE - uses NO POWERPOINT - and delivers an entirely DIFFERENT VALUE to everyone who engages with it. Partake in a series of thought exercises that elevate your focus beyond today’s constraints and worries. This is an opportunity for truly creative - and downright practical - business innovation and personal reflection. In addition, you'll learn skills that enable you to focus yourself and your team on the options and opportunities of tomorrow.


Matt Lehrman's live and in-person business workshops are available for booking via VISTAGE®

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Consulting Services


  • Customer Journey Assessments
  • Data Analysis
  • Customer-Perspective Evaluations
  • Mystery Shopping


  • Visioning & Strategic Planning
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Retreat Design & Facilitation


  • Customer Engagement Frameworks
  • New Venture Explorations
  • Creative Collaborations