BETTER ENGAGEMENT: Fresh Approaches to Fundraising & Friend-raising

You have a strategic plan, but what about an engagement plan? How prepared is your nonprofit organization for dramatic evolutions in philanthropy and visibility driven by demographics, technology, and competition? This workshop offers a revitalizing update of your options and opportunities. Emerge with a practical action plan to dramatically upgrade the quality of engagement your organization offers.

FUTURECAST: An Exercise in Mission & Opportunity

The future may be unknowable, but it is most definitely malleable. Amid incredible technological, demographic, and economic shifts, now is the ideal time to stretch your capacity to anticipate, adapt, and affect your organization’s future. This session is unlike any seminar you’ve ever attended. No lectures. No PowerPoint. No statistics. No “show and tell” presentations. Participate, instead, in a series of substantive thought exercises designed to elevate your focus beyond today’s constraints and worries. Discover the skills to focus yourself and your team on the important opportunities of tomorrow. 

AUDIENCES EVERYWHERE: New Directions in Audience Development

Expanding and diversifying your organization’s audience is an essential priority - but it can be tough to pursue while simultaneously pursuing artistic or programmatic mission, balancing the budget, and being responsive to changing community expectations.  Use this presentation to Invest your whole team with the knowledge, tools and motivation they need to pursue an engagement plan that is inclusive, cohesive, and incredibly compelling. 

OPPORTUNITY EVERYWHERE: How to Prosper at Audience Development

What if you could approach audience development as a “both-and” proposition—advancing artistic excellence while energizing public engagement? To be “entrepreneurial” is to boldly explore options and opportunities for artistic excellence, financial viability, and community connection. There is no end to that pursuit. But there is a beginning! Now is the time to invest your whole team with the insights and skills that can reveal new pathways to audience engagement.

MEET THE PATRONS: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Audience (but were afraid to ask)

You’re invited to a focus group like no other—with no one-way mirror separating you from the participants. You will be live and in-person for a professionally facilitated conversation that looks for answers to the most sensitive questions you have ever wanted to ask the people you aspire to serve. Come prepared to ask questions both practical and profound.

AUDIENCE-IN-RESIDENCE: For Colleges & Universities

"One of the most insightful things I took away from Matt's presentation was that we should attempt to "inspire" our customers instead of trying to “market” to them."

  Today’s students of arts management and nonprofit administration will graduate into a field in which the imperatives of relevance and sustainability demand ever-more innovative and expansive approaches to audience and stakeholder engagement.  Matt Lehrman visits colleges & universities to share insights that connect students' ambitions to their approaching imperative to engage a diverse (and distracted) community.

Nonprofit Management Services


  • Patron Journey Assessments 
  • Data Analysis
  • Customer & Stakeholder Evaluations
  • Mystery Shopping

Strategy & Planning

  • Marketing
  • Fundraising & Friend-raising
  • Audience Development
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Community Cultural Planning

Management & Governance

  • Visioning & Strategic Planning
  • Board Retreat Facilitation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Interim Management


  • Extraordinary-First™ - Customer Service Assessments & Training
  • Meeting Facilitation for Management Teams and All-Staff Retreats


  • "Nontrepreneurial" Business Model Enhancement
  • Patron Engagement Frameworks
  • Creative Collaborations


BLOG: Audience Wanted

Matt Lehrman's blog, AUDIENCE WANTED, offers insights into how companies and causes attract, sustain and engage all sorts of attenders, donors, and supporters.  Audience Wanted is published by ArtsJournal.

"Enormous Substance"

”This is one enthusiastic and dynamic arts marketer … There is enormous substance behind what Matt is advocating. It was a well thought out, clear-headed workshop, peppered with Matt's unique brand of humor, and with ample opportunities for interaction with the attendees.“  Richard Stein, Executive Director, Arts Orange County

"Best Cheerleader for the Arts"

”For some, arts marketing is a career. For Matt Lehrman, it’s a calling. His enthusiasm is genuine and infectious.“ The Arizona Republic