ENGAGEMENT IS EVERYTHING: Practical & Inspirational Lessons in Better Fundraising & Friend-raising


Spark creativity in all that binds together your mission and its supporters.  

Whether solving a long-standing challenge or catalyzing new options and opportunities, this action-oriented workshop explores what attracts, sustains, cultivates, and diversifies the support and participation upon which your organization depends.

FUTURECAST: A Strategic Exercise in Connecting Mission to Future Opportunity


The future may be unknowable, but it is most definitely malleable. 

Facing technological, demographic, and economic shifts, now is the ideal time to stretch your capacity to anticipate, adapt to, and affect your organization’s future. 

Participate in a series of thought exercises designed to elevate your focus beyond today’s constraints and worries. Learn the skill to focus yourself, your team, and your Board of Directors on the critical opportunities of tomorrow. 

MEET THE PATRONS: A Remarkably Candid Focus Group Featuring Real-life Donors & Supporters


You’re invited to a focus group like no other—with no one-way mirror separating you from the participants. 

You will be live and in-person for a professionally facilitated conversation that looks for answers to the most sensitive questions you have ever wanted to ask the people you aspire to serve. Expect to emerge with insights both practical and profound.

AUDIENCES EVERYWHERE: New Directions in Audience Development


For arts & cultural organizations of every size and genre, expanding and diversifying your audience is an essential priority .  

This workshop teaches a whole-organization approach to building audiences in ways that are inclusive, cohesive, and incredibly compelling. 

OPPORTUNITY EVERYWHERE: Spark Entrepreneurship in Nonprofit Management


There's no end to the commitment, discipline or support needed to run a successful nonprofit endeavor.  But there is a beginning!  

This workshop thoroughly dissects the business model of nonprofit organizations in order to explore myriad options and opportunities to spark new & creative approaches for the future.



  • Patron Journey Assessments 
  • Data Analysis
  • Stakeholder Evaluations
  • Mystery Shopping

Strategy & Planning

  • Marketing & Fundraising Strategies
  • Audience Development
  • Membership Cultivation
  • Community Cultural Planning
  • Business Model Enhancement
  • Creative Collaborations

Management & Governance

  • Visioning & Strategic Planning
  • Retreat Design & Facilitation
  • Board Training
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Interim Management