Matt Lehrman delivers impactful presentations on Loyalty & Customer Engagement,

Civic Participation, and Audience Development



PRESENTATIONS on Audience Development

"High energy, super informative, inspiring." - Social media has transformed all sorts of businesses from mere deliverers of quality & value into ongoing channels of discovery and entertainment.  "Customers have evolved into audiences," says Matt Lehrman, "They don't just want to buy - they need to belong."


CONVERSATIONS from the Perspective of Your Customers and Community

"An honest conversation that re-energizes."  Matt Lehrman leads candid, intelligent and far-reaching discussions with your real customers and community members. It's a focus group like you've never experienced - unrehearsed, truthful, participatory, and immediately actionable.


TEAM TRAINING on Loyalty & Customer Engagement

"Thought provoking even for someone who thought we were doing everything right." Matt Lehrman helps companies discover creative ways to unite their mission and value proposition in the pursuit of deep customer engagement.

On Loyalty & Customer Engagement...

"Think about how it feels to be at a concert or show right before the lights come down and the curtain rises.  Can you feel the crowd's eagerness - how ready and trustful they are for the journey about to unfold? Now that's "audience development." Wouldn't you like your customers to feel that way about doing business with you?"  - Matt Lehrman