Why I say: Engagement is Everything™

Matt Lehrman: Speaker & Engagement Strategist

My passion is all about helping companies, causes, and communities to connect deeply with their customers, supporters, and members.

With experience gained over a 30-year career devoted to selling, marketing, fundraising, lobbying, and otherwise convincing people to do something, I've developed an allergy to the lazy notion that such work is always a "numbers game." And I'm further disappointed by businesses, service providers, and others who profess to be in the "relationship" business but then fail to show any meaningful innovation, spirit, or discipline to the effort.

Amidst fast-changing economics, burgeoning technologies, and increasingly-intense competition, today's most important challenges are not about how many people you can ask, but about how many relationships you can sustain.  If you don't have their engagement over time, you've got nothing.

So that's how I've come to embrace ENGAGEMENT as the focus of my speaking and consulting.  I wholeheartedly believe that success in business (loyalty & customer engagement), nonprofits (audience development & stakeholder engagement), and civic causes (public dialogue & inclusion) are all grounded in the skills of their leaders to:

  1. Join diverse people in shared purpose,
  2. Cultivate inclusivity and community-mindedness,
  3. Achieve the dividend of loyalty and customer engagement.

How did I become an expert on engagement?  I learned by doing (and by doing again & again).  Among the high-points of my career, I've worked:

  • As a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. for one of America's largest business trade associations,
  • As Director of Sales & Marketing for an Arizona community bank struggling to recover from the depths of the region's economic downturn,
  • As VP of Marketing for a prestigious (but scarce-resourced) community arts center,
  • As Founder & Executive Director of an enterprising nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing arts & cultural participation,
  • As a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University, teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses on marketing, business management, and entrepreneurship.
  • As an independent consultant and project manager on myriad projects of strategic planning, crisis management, customer service, and community development.

There's a LINKEDIN connection at the bottom of the page if you want to see my background in greater detail.

Let's Talk...

I welcome the opportunity to discuss how a keynote presentation, workshop, or facilitated discussion can serve your objectives. I am particularly sensitive to tailor the substance, and modulate the style, of every presentation I deliver - to assure that it specifically resonates with the audience receiving it.

That's engagement, too.

About Me Personally...

My wife, Toby, and I are the proud parents of two grown children, Harrison and Marissa. We live in Scottsdale, Arizona with Hope, a gentle 13-year old chocolate lab who we rescued nearly 6 years ago.

We love to travel.  We've recently returned from our first-ever visit to Cuba and are now planning our first visit to Spain.  (Thus, I'm always happy to offer - and grateful to receive - restaurant recommendations!).