"There is no doubt from the conference evaluation that you were the star of the show. Words like, ‘inspirational,’ ‘motivating,’ and ‘captivating’ came through strongly."


“I brought our whole executive team based on sitting through this two years ago. I felt it was important for them to hear it like this, directly.”  


“Matt’s very good at encouraging positive brainstorming and thinking about how to translate ideas into actual actions.”  


"This is the best workshop I have attended ever. I feel like I just took a 3 credit college course in 3 hours."


"I didn’t really have the time to attend this session.  Turned out to be the best 3 hours of my week."


"Matt is an upbeat, high-energy speaker who presents a different lens through which we can view engagement."


"I love how this workshop challenged conventional wisdom about audiences and shifted my thinking. Opening up new ways of thinking about my company’s challenges."


"What a great workshop! It is very easy to feel defeated, particularly when you feel you are checking all the boxes. This woke me up and showed me assumptions I was making."


"I have never before been exposed to a paradigm shift like it just happened. Great work! Thanks!"


"This is a wonderful workshop that opens up new conversations about marketing in a new era." 


"This is how 21st century companies need to think about their customers.  Do not just send your marketing staff!  Send someone from each department!"


"You’ve gotten us to think about the deepest needs and values of our communities. If we want to really do the work of audience development these discussions need to happen throughout companies all the time. It’s not daunting, it’s invigorating."

"You have amazing energy and I truly appreciate your perspective."

  "Excellent ideas. Engaging speaker!"

"Was able to connect to this relevant presentation and I feel inspired and excited to share with my teams."

"The workshop is well-organized. The mix of presentation and interaction was engaging. It sparked ideas for our organization to pursue."

"This is the most fun and informative fundraising workshop I've attended."

"Matt's energy is fun and he clearly knows his stuff!"

"Mr. Lehrman made me think in a whole new way about how we might grow our audience base. This was a paradigm shift that our organization desperately needed."

"This was a great opportunity to break out of your mental box and reset your capacity for imagination."  

"There's no better way to hear what audiences want than by asking them! This format provided an informative and interactive way to get into the minds of arts patrons to see what works and what doesn't when you are trying to connect."

"Matt really helped me think through improving the total customer experience." 

"Fast paced, dynamic, practical and future-oriented. Extraordinary education."

"It was inspirational, yet practical. Thinking about the changes going on in the world, we must stretch and grow or we will not exist at all!"

"Very valuable! Matt makes sure to relate all the topics to everyone in the audience, no matter the industry."

"Dynamic presentation, love all the small group conversations - walking away with so many great ideas." 

"Challenging us to think past our assumptions about who we are and what we do might fundamentally change the way that we program; and empower us to really do the work we have been wanting to do all along."

"I'm glad I took the time out of my busy schedule to step back and evaluate what needs to change and receive the building blocks of how."

"This presentation was a valuable strategy-planning tool that can be used in any industry."

"Matt did an extraordinary job in stretching our minds and ideas."

"Brilliant presentation. Relevant to ANYONE who wishes to build an audience. Thank you so much. My wheels are turning."

"I, honestly, nearly cried as we closed. I am so passionate...and this workshop really gave me some great ideas and motivation. Thank you so much!"

"I found this workshop energizing, totally relevant and really positive. I am going home with a head full of new ideas I can directly put into action."

"Took a complex topic and broke it down to layman's terms. Took misconceptions and stood them on their car. A refreshing way to look at a problem and use new tools to find the answer."

"One of the most insightful things I took away from his presentations was that we should attempt to "inspire" our customers instead of trying to “market” to them. This got me thinking about new ways my business can interact with our customers."  

"This was the most common sense workshop I have ever attended. I am on fire!"

"It was such a rare and eye-opening opportunity to share and brainstorm ideas to increase our audiences. Thank you Matt for not only great ideas but ideas to take action."

"I love how this workshop challenged conventional wisdom and shifted my thinking. Opened up new ways of thinking about my company's challenges."

"This is the best workshop I have attended ever. I feel like I just took a 3-credit college course in 3 hours."

"This presentation leapfrogs common marketing ideas and jumps straight to inspiring clients."

"Great presentation, well worth the time. No matter your sales skill set, you will walk away with new and valuable information."

"What makes Matt so helpful is that he has done this all before. He truly gets it and has examples from real experiences to strengthen his presentation."

"Fabulous presentation to get business owners thinking about opportunities to engage with their customers."

"Matt is thoroughly experienced and authentic. His workshop is practical and easy for any level professional to take away useful info and actionable ideas for themselves and their company. Very well done."

"I have been to many "train the trainer" seminars. Matt has hit the jackpot on the "inspire the inspiration" opportunity."

"Fabulous, the concepts can apply to any industry that relies on a clientele that you want to have repeatable business with."

"Excellent and inspiring workshop. Matt Lehrman gives clear details and structure/strategy to begin a dialogue of audience development goals. I'm leaving feeling very very inspired. Thank you!"

"Certainly inspires me to take new risks & reminds me "I work in a creative industry, I should get more creative!"